Empowering nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to achieve their strategic goals through social entrepreneurship and impact investing

Capacity Building Workshops & Classes

1/2 Day Trainings

Our leadership development programs are based upon a combination of our own experience and that of other industry leaders. We use stories and examples for audience engagement, and support them with proven strategies participants can use to leverage social impact investing.

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Public Classes

This three day social impact investing course enables nonprofit and social enterprise leaders to leverage the power of social enterprise and social impact investing together to increase their impact, improve their stability, and grow the sustainability of their organizations.

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Private Classes

Over the past several years, our class has attracted participants from 15 different states. As a result, we began partnering with other philanthropic leaders two years ago and have since brought the class to many other communities across the country.

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What you will learn

  • How should you structure your social enterprise to protect your nonprofit or attract new sources of funding? (emphasis on legal, tax and funding options)
  • How can you avoid brainstorming sessions that end with t-shirt businesses, and instead come up with a true social innovation?
  • How can you access the extensive network, knowledge, and other resources of foundations through true partnerships?
  • What are foundations looking for in a social enterprise compared to a traditional grant funded program?
  • What is the impact investing ecosystem and what industry trends are creating billion dollar funding opportunities?
  • How can you use impact investing to expand your mission and increase your total access to funding?

Course Benefits

  • Understand the legal, tax, and financial issues your organization will face – before you face them – potentially saving thousands of dollars in professional fees and rework.
  • Cultivate a network of social innovators and receive detailed financial models, sample legal agreements and five free hours of consulting time to help you get started
  • Expand your toolset beyond that of a typical nonprofit leader and stand out among your peers when you talk to funders
  • Bring sustainability to your organization and reduce your dependence on grants, donations, and reimbursements
  • Understand what foundations are looking for in a social enterprise compared to traditional grant funded programs.
  • Respond confidently when asked what is a social enterprise and how can it be funded using social impact investing.

Who Should Attend

Nonprofit Executives
Social Entrepreneurs
Foundation Leaders
Nonprofit Advisors
  • Engage your board on the opportunity to use social enterprise and impact investing to advance your mission responsibly
  • Transition your organization from relying solely on contributed support and reimbursements to include earned income and social impact investments
  • Spend three days with a funder learning how they operate, how you can improve your relationships, and how you can increase your access to funding
  • Learn how to structure your idea to avoid paying UBIT taxes and eliminate risk to your nonprofit’s tax status
  • Expand your thinking by studying dozens of social enterprises, innovative nonprofits, and creative partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Build your own capacity to advise nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs as they develop and structure their socially-benefiting ideas
  • Expand your thinking by studying dozens of creative social enterprises and nonprofits, and the innovative foundation partnerships that helped enable them
  • Spend three days with nonprofit leaders learning what support they need, how you can provide that support, and how you can strengthen your relationships
  • Learn strategies for evaluating funding requests to reduce your risk and make sure the right requests are matched with the right funding vehicles
  • Understand how impact investing foundations are regulated to ensure you are able to meet community needs without putting yourself at risk
  • Spend three days with nonprofit, social enterprise, and foundation leaders learning how social enterprise and impact investing can advance their mission
  • Expand your ability to serve and advise nonprofit, social enterprise and foundation leaders as they develop and structure their socially-benefiting ideas
  • Identify the opportunities that are being created by social enterprise, impact investing, cause marketing, creating shared value and other industry trends
  • Understand all of the tools that are available to nonprofit, social enterprise, and foundation leaders so you can remove barriers and help advance their ideas
  • Learn the regulatory issues effecting nonprofits and foundations so that you can protect their interests and provide both accurate and helpful advice
  • Always Innovate
  • Think Entrepreneurially
  • Serve Our Community