Providing a broader set of resources through social impact investing to support our nonprofit community beyond traditional grant making.

What We Do


We can finance major equipment and capital improvements using impact investing. We can also provide lines of credit or bridge loans to help cash flows associated with customer contracts, government reimbursements or capital campaign pledges.

Startup Funding

Impact investing includes startup funding for new, innovative social enterprises. Usually this will mean offering a loan to an existing organization with a new idea or investing equity into a new social enterprise.

Joint Ventures

Some of the best ideas require partnership and collaboration to ensure the right mix of resources come together to support a new venture. We can provide other helpful resources in addition to impact investing as part of a joint venture.



How We Invest

  • We offer Program Related Investments and Mission Related Investments.
  • We invest directly and do not use intermediaries/funds.
  • Our funding can come in the form of guarantees, loans, equity, and recoverable grants.
  • We usually seek repayment within in 2-3 years, sometimes longer for startup social enterprises.

What We Ask For

  • Historical financial statements & audit (if applicable).
  • Project and organization projections / budget.
  • Copies of existing legal agreements related to the project.
  • Business Plan for new social enterprise.

Impact Investing Process

1. Initial Conversation

We enjoy helping people think through innovative, unique, challenging, and opportunistic situations. The first step towards an impact investment with us is a simple conversation.

2. Capacity Building

We provide capacity building through advice, connecting resources, providing business plan reviews and feedback, educating the staff and board, and problem solving to find the right financing solution.

3. Evaluation

We evaluate impact investment opportunities on a rolling basis so we can be responsive to the needs of the community. We can usually respond quickly to opportunistic requests or move at the pace of the investee.

4. Investment

Once legal agreements are drafted and signed by each party, the funds become available for use by the investee. Depending on the project, they may be available all at once, or available to be drawn down over time.


Project Showcase

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