Leveraging social impact investments to help nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs achieve their strategic goals

Joint Ventures



Citra is the first communications application that stores its information in the cloud, allowing parents, teachers, and therapists to collaborate to provide vital consistency to a child’s communications therapy. This allows children to communicate and practice using the same images at home, school, and therapy.

Citra is the result of a collaboration between the Wells Foundation, the Columbus Speech & Hearing Center and The Ohio State University (all nonprofits) .



Ds-connex is a social enterprise with the goal of helping the Down syndrome community go from raising $12 million per year to $40 million per year through a combination of a peer-to-peer fundraising system, extensive social media support, and sharing of best practices through community building.

Ds-connex is a joint venture between the Wells Foundation, the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio and GroundWork Group (all nonprofits).





CleanTurn is a social enterprise that has leveraged its business to provide nearly 300 training and employment opportunities for men and women returning from incarceration in its first three years. CleanTurn offers groundskeeping, janitorial, demolition / deconstruction, and general labor services.

CleanTurn has used impact investing to help finance cash flow challenges that come with growth, including lines of credit and loans to purchase equipment.



The PAST Foundation combines anthropology and STEM to create transdisciplinary problem-based learning programs in school systems. These engaging learning labs transform the way children learn by connecting classrooms with the real world in very unique ways.

The PAST Foundation used impact investing to renovate a new building and turn it into an Innovation Lab in partnership with Metro High School. Traditional lenders were unwilling to finance the project.



The Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center Inc. (SQACC) strives to be a premier, regional, and Latino based organization that advances the important roles that art and education play in everyday lives. SQACC supports and gives voice to the artistic and educational expressions which advance community development, responsibility and social equity, cultural diversity, global awareness and stewardship, as well as the empowerment of the Latina and Latino identities.

SQACC used impact investing to build their social enterprise Nana’s Kitchen.


Startup funding



Design Outreach is a humanitarian engineering firm whose first product is called the LifePump™. Compared to other water pumps that may require electricity or can only reach 100-150 feet into the ground, the LifePump™ requires no electricity and can reach water tables up to 325 feet deep.

Design Outreach used impact investing from its board of directors and the Wells Foundation to finance the manufacturing of its first 25 pumps so they could be installed and tested in rural Africa as part of a pilot project.

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